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Watts Some Fun Party Rentals
The Party Starts When We Show Up!
Norma Watts
1408 Hancock Rd
Crossett, AR  71635
Phone/Fax: (870)364-8710
Mobile: (870)304-7322/(870)304-6547
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General Safety Rules
Please read our Safety Instructions!
All units require adult supervision at all times, someone over the age of 18 years old or older. Unit must be shut down and deflated if not supervised by an adult, except water slides or otherwise instructed by Watts Some Fun

No Shoes, Jewelry, Glasses, Hair Barrettes, Name Tags, or other sharp objects allowed on the rides.

No Food or Drink on Unit.

Absolutely no silly string or colored Hair Spray, these items permanently stain our units or melt the coating. If any damage should occur due to use of these items you will be billed for repairs.

Do not overload units. Maximum occupancy will be on rule sheets provided for all games.

No horse playing, rough housing, flipping, or piling up on other occupants allowed.

If unit starts to deflate, follow recommended actions listed on rule sheets provided. Get everyone off unit, check blower, check ground fault and electrical breaker in the home. If none of these actions fix or solve the problem call Watts Some Fun.

Units are not Designed to be on operated in high winds exceeding 25 mph. If unit shows any instability due to weather conditions, unit must be evacuated and deflated.

On water slides when rental time or play time is over, DO NOT SHUT DOWN BLOWER!!! Water may be turned off, but keep the blower running and unit inflated. If the blower has been turned off and inflatable is down a $20.00 fee may be charged for the extra work of getting the water out of the unit.

If inflatables are set up and it starts to rain DO NOT SHUT DOWN BLOWER or unplug the blower for any reason. There will not be a refund or partial refund of any kind after inflatables are set up for an event, even due to rain.

We suggest that on dry slides and obstacle courses with slides, that all riders wear socks, but no shoes, to protect from slide or velcro burns.

Please sign rental agreement at delivery on yellow line and on pink line at pick up.

Please have a safe and fun time !